Goreshovel [Emilio]

A Gnoll manhunter with a terrible curse



Theme Song:
MadWorld – Aint That Funny
Sonata Arctica – FullMoon
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Heaven’s Divide

Race: Gnoll
Occupation: Manhunter
Class: Ranger (Deep Stalker) 6 / Rogue 1
Titles: None
Age: 32
Height: 5’
Weight: 150 lbs.
Physical Description: Goreshovel stands hunched in bits of drakescale armor and covered in a deep navy blue hooded shawl. Various scars cover his body, hidden underneath patches of spotted fur. A black leather eyepatch covers the disfigured spot where his right eye once was, looping around his head and securing itself on the roof of his vicious maw.


Goreshovel was a hunter for his pack, a wandering group of Gnolls that excelled in hunting and tracking. To help raise more money for his pack in hopes of settling down somewhere, Goreshovel entered the manhunting business, putting his skills to use capturing criminals and rescuing VIPs. While he was very successful, he unknowingly gained the attention of the Adventurer’s Guild.

One night he returned from a job to find his pack had been murdered by a small band of adventurers. While he fought off the adventurers, he met his match against a mysterious masked man. Goreshovel had the upper hand in combat until the masked man revealed his lycanthropic curse and shifted into a lycan. The ensuing battle mortally wounded Goreshovel and left his cursed with the same lycanthropy. Were it not for the curse inflicted upon him, his injuries would have killed him.

Presently, Goreshovel works to hunt, capture, and kill the civilized races out of revenge for his pack. Having heard of the location of Vigilance, he has committed himself to turning the settlement into the safe haven he had once aspired to make.



Goreshovel is very pragmatic and walks with a bit of a no-nonsense attitude. While focused and efficient, his disdain for the civilized races can sometimes cause him to act irrationally. His profession leaves little room for humor and hobbies, leaving him a bit underwhelming when talking about unprofessional matters.


Goreshovel travels with those who share his interest of fighting to make Vigilance a safe place for monsters. His party members are Aedrios the Yuan-Ti Warlock, The Dead Knight, Kikyo the Sorceress, and Greznock the Goblin Fighter.

Goreshovel stays with Khelvi Tuskgripper as Vigilance has not become large enough for proper housing units. He respects her ability to lead such a ragtag group of citizens and takes care to be a good house guest

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Goreshovel [Emilio]

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