Nobody knows precisely when or why the divide came into play. Nobody knows why the bestial races of the world became feared, reviled, and hunted, while the humans and elves thrived under the bloody society they had carved out for themselves. History is malleable, memory temporary, but the clearest picture the historians can paint dictates that this bias began, as with many things, in a series of gradual steps. The Adventurer’s Guild, once a band of brothers and sisters sworn to defend the world, turned on even the bestial tribes who found a home and companionship within its ranks, putting innocent and guilty beast alike to the sword in an attempt to stop some imaginary threat they might pose.

The beasts have only one safe haven amidst this storm of humanoid violence; Vigilance, a refugee camp dedicated to protecting the beast tribes and taking back their place in society. Inspired by ancient tales of heroes lost to the ages, five residents of Vigilance must prove themselves capable of more than talk as a storm approaches. Hatred and bitterness has long sustained the fallen Adventurer’s Guild, but in the end they are only a front. The true architects of the divide bide their time in the shadows, pulling strings and manipulating age old fundamentals to their own ends. Before much more time has passed, Vigilance will be forced to answer to the wolves howling at their door. And how they answer will change the world forever.

Generously Written By Diar <3


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